Scusset Beach State Reservation (Mainland Side) #655

End of Scusset Beach Road, large parking area at end of road, smaller areas along access road, fee charged during the day in the summer.

Multiple access points along the service road and a long fishing pier (opposite power plant on cape side) means there will always be a place to fish without crowding other anglers. Bait fishermen do well off the fishing pier but most who prefer casting jigs and other lures fish along the rocks and the long jetty that marks the eastern entrance to the canal. A shallow sand/gravel bar known as Pip’s Rip is just off the farthest parking area as is a well known spot, one of the only areas in the canal where an angler can wade out a short distance. You will often see surface feeding fish in this general area, especially in the fall when the striper migration is in full swing. The end of the jetty is also a prime spot but be cautious when traversing the rocks, especially during a hard northerly or east blow. Expansive Scusset State Beach to the north of the jetty is also a prime area for surf casting and bait fishing.