Cape Cod Bay

Cape Cod Bay offers fantastic striped bass and bluefin tuna fishing from the earliest parts of the season through the late fall. Common striper fishing tactics include jigging up mackerel with sabiki rigs and live-lining them in deeper water, casting on the flats of Brewster for schoolie striped bass, jigging in the deep drop-offs near Provincetown and wading in the many north-side estuaries of the Cape. Many boaters also troll the area from the east end of the Cape Cod Canal past Sandy Neck. In the fall, many boats will head out from Sandwich Marina, Barnstable Harbor and Northside Marina to chase bluefin at Stellwagen Bank.

Fishing Reports & News

Mid-May Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay

Here’s an instructional video filmed in Mid May in Cape Cod Bay where Capt. Cullen Lundholm and Capt. Mike Hogan share some tips on vertical jigging for suspended stripers in deeper water.

How To: Fishing with Sand Eel Jigs

How To: Jigging Through Sand Eels for Striped Bass

Capt. Mike shares a few tips for when you’re marking large plumes of sand eels and striped bass, but can’t get them to notice your jigs.


How To: Cape Cod Bay Stripers on Sand Eels

I met with Capt. Terry Nugent on Wednesday morning for my first trip on Riptide this year, and had a phenomenal day catching fish to 45″ on topwater in front of Barnstable Harbor and on the jig near Provincetown.


Latest Video

After striped bass have made their presence known in the Cape Cod Canal, the next place to look for migrating fish is Cape Cod Bay. In Mid-May, Capt. Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters and Capt. Mike took a ride out to deep water and found an abundance of sand eels, making for a great vertical jig bite.

Filmed May 15th, 2018

While fishing the outer Cape Capt. Mike gives a few tips for when stripers are keyed in on large plumes of sand eels and won't cooperate.

Filmed June 14th, 2017

Capt. Terry Nugent and Capt. Mike Hogan of Salty Cape target big striped bass on a hot sand eel bite off the coast of Provincetown. Learn how to dial in your Raymarine radar to find flocks of birds and navigate your way through the fog, leading to awesome striped bass fishing action.

Filmed July 7th, 2016

Join captains Mike Hogan and Shaun Ruge with Riptide Charters to learn some tips on jigging and casting for finicky striped bass feeding on sand eels off Provincetown, MA. The sand eels were so abundant the stripers were very picky and would only eat highly imitative presentations. Keys to their success were very light leaders, imitative sand eel soft baits and pinpoint targeting of the fish. The fish were down deep at slack tide where jigging was the name of the game but when the tide started moving the surface bite turned on.

Filmed June 17th, 2015