Paine’s Creek Landing #486

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End of Paine’s Creek Road off Route 6A. Limited parking, sticker required (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.) from early June through Labor Day, available at Town Hall; free and open all other times. Easy carry and launch from beach. The creek can hold fish at high tide but the best fishing is outside on the flats. Just to the west is the entrance to Quivett Creek, a premier kayaking and fishing area. Stripers can often be found anywhere along the outer bars, especially at the top of the tide. Beware of the strong outflow from Quivett during moon tides. Paddling farther west brings you to some rocky shores that are excellent bets for cruising bass. Many bars and cuts are exposed as the tide drops but be aware of the flooding tide if you choose to beach your kayak and fish the edges as the tide floods at a rate of approximately 6 inches every 15 minutes.