Brewster Flats #440

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Brewster Flats

This large area is one of the most famous locations for sight casting to striped bass on Cape Cod. At the top of the tide fish may be anywhere on the flat (usually closer to shore) but as the tide recedes they will travel out in any of the myriad channels and depressions on the flats. Pay particular attention to weed patches, mussel beds, gravelly areas or anywhere with water that appears darker than the surrounding light sand. Drift with motor off to avoid spooking the fish. Use soft plastics, thin swimming plugs, thin metals or flies – anything that resembles a sand eel. Watch for diving seabirds and surface feeding bass.

NOAA chart number:  13250

Lat & Long:  41°43.5’ x 70°06’ (approx. center of flats area)

Best tide:  Either, fish closer to shore as the tide floods, gradually move out to deeper water as the tide drops.

Hazards:  Few; grounding is possible on the sandy flats as the tide drops (as much as 1 foot every 15 minutes during moon tides).

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