Paine’s Creek Beach #616

The Cape Cod Bay front in the town of Brewster is relatively featureless, with one exception. There are access points at various town beaches including Crosby Landing, Linnell Landing, Ellis Landing, Breakwater Beach, Saint’s Landing and Robbin’s Hill – and any one of them may have stripers along the beach at high tide – but the beach at Paine’s Creek outlet is your best bet. The huge, famous Brewster Flats stretch out for a mile or more at low tide all along the shorefront in Brewster and wading out as the tide drops can yield some very nice bass but as with the rest of the Cape Cod Bay frontage, moving rapidly back toward shore as the tide floods is absolutely imperative. What makes the outlet of Paine’s Creek productive is the outflow and slightly deeper water here, which is a natural fish magnet. Inside the creek can be productive at high tide. Launching a kayak here and working the Flats is a better idea. Use Hogy Sand Eels or the smaller Skinnies for best results.

Tide Chart

Location:  North end of Paine’s Creek Road.

Parking:  Small dirt lot near the beach. Parking sticker required during the summer, vigorously enforced during the day, less so at night. Free and open all other times.

Access:  Easy. Walking and wading are required to reach the best water.