Monks Park #603

Located at the entrance to a large cove, Monks Park is owned by the Town of Bourne and is a popular spot for picnicking, bird watching – and fishing. Cast poppers, surface plugs or soft plastics like the Hogy Original series or Skinny series for stripers all season long. Wade out off either of the small “islands.” The bottom is a bit soft but wading is essential to reach the deeper water a hundred feet out. Some years in the fall this large cove fills up with schools of menhaden and bass and bluefish quickly find them. Birds will often give away the presence of bait and fish. Monks Park fishes best after dark, or at dawn or dusk in the spring and fall; in the summer there are often jet ski-type water craft roaring around the cove and the fishing is a waste of time during the day. Because the area is protected from the prevailing southerly winds it is also a great spot to fish from a kayak.

Tide Chart

Location  West end of Valley Bars Circle, off Shore Road.

Parking: Free but posted for Bourne residents with beach stickers. This is more aggressively enforced during the summer, during the day. Large dirt lot with parking for a few dozen vehicles. This area is popular with teenagers at night so locking vehicles is essential.

Access: Easy, directly behind the shore of the small island where the parking lot is located, or walk toward the railroad trestle and follow the path to the outside of the smaller island to the north of the parking lot.