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Bonito Bar

The Bonito Bar is located just East of Nantucket and South of Tuckernuck Island. Due largely to its name sake, The Bonito Bar is a well-known spot for targeting Bonito but is lesser known for its A+ striper fishing in the spring. As is post is being edited in 2022, the striper bite here was amazing, regularly producing 20lb+ stripers. School tuna sometimes will buzz the area, much the same way they might The Hooter, often a late summer phenomenon. Bluefish and albies also frequent the spot.

Boats can both cast and troll the Bonito Bar. But it’s important here to point out that the Bonito Bar is a popular place and can get quite crowded, especially on the weekend. When packed, you’ll notice that the rip can be lined with boats at anchor. It’s the norm here to anchor in front with plenty of secure anchor rhode to hold you about 50’ in front of the rip. The spot can get so crowded, this is really the most efficient way for the fleet to fish here. Look for gullies that will aggregate bait getting swept by the tide. Speaking of tides, the incoming tide is known as the better of the two to fish here. 

Sand bars move around, so be very care fishing at the Bonito Bar. Big waves can leave you with no water very easily. Do not stern anchor here and be very careful about drifting through the rip.

Boats can certainly troll the area but don’t “be that guy” if the rest of the sleet is set up for anchor. If trolling, your best bet is to make loops by passing by and alongside the bar and back into open water. Do not troll where you might find yourself in rollers.

Small baitfish imitations are essential here. This spot sees a lot of bait swept through it and small quid, sand eels and silver sides are often on the menu. Small casting in “natural colors” such as Olive, Shrimp and Pink Hogy Epoxy jig lures will serve you very well here. I always like to have small plug that is “larger” than my casting jigs to blind cast, such as our 5” Hogy Slider. Albie Crack is a great attractor color for blind casting.

  • Lat & Long:  41°16’ x 70°13.5’
  • Best Tide: The incoming tide is the most popular for bonito.
  • Hazards:  Few; heavy boat traffic in mid-summer when bonito are known to be in the area. Large swells from offshore may be present.