Vineyard Sound Albie Report – September 2, 2017


Awesome day out there for Albie fishing for Team Salty Cape (John Burns and Mike Hogan) fishing alongside Riptide Charters on September 2nd. We were having a slowish kind of morning until Capt. Terry Nugent called us over to the fish in a HUGE assist for frothing albies, some fairly large ones at that!Terry was tripled up just as we arrived. Shaun Ruge was hooked up too. How Cool!?!


Anyway, we caught two quick ones before needing to be back. The fish were keyed in on peanut bunker. You could see brown orbs of peanut bunker milling around until the got smashed. Needless to say the Hogy Lures Peanut Bunker Jig was the ticket for us.