Vineyard & Nantucket Sounds Fishing Report – May 5, 2016

Plenty of excellent squid fishing from Popponesset/Cotuit to Hyannis, with anglers catching so many that they are even dropping their excess off at at least one tackle shop I know of to freeze and have on hand as local squid when the best bait calamari is in high demand. From what I have seen, some of the squid is very good sized.

I would have expected to hear of bluefish with all of that squid around, but so far, other than a few rumors from Cotuit and Osterville, things have been quiet on the choppers.

That certainly hasn’t been the case for bass; you name the estuary, salt pond, bay, harbor, or river, there have been stripers caught. Most have been in the 12 to 24-inch class, but they are hungry and feisty; fish up to 26-inches were caught from Popponesset and Cotuit today, some on Zara Spooks and others on SP Minnows. A 31-inch fish was caught by a flyrodder up inside Waquoit Bay this week; he was using a silverside pattern, a baitfish that is well worth imitating at this time of year.

With the water temperatures dropping by a couple of degrees in the sounds this week, most folks have been eschewing the open beaches for protected waters. If you do elect to try fishing the front beaches and the surf is still up and the water a bit dirty, remember to select soft plastic colors that stand out, such as pink or black. Bass find their prey in stained, sand filled water with their lateral line and ability to detect vibrations in the water, which makes soft plastics a good choice.

Tautog are being caught around the Port Hunter wreck off of Oak Bluffs, as well as around Collier’s Ledge. Not many scup have been reported, but they should be making an appearance very soon.