Vineyard and Nantucket Sounds Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

While the picky nature of the small schools of albies from Nobska to Waquoit have made for tough fishing, Andy Little at The Powderhorn in Hyannis had better news concerning the number of fish from Craigville to Yarmouth. Catching, on the other hand, has varied from tide-to-tide and even within a single tide, making patience an absolute virtue.

That advice applies in two ways, the first being waiting out a period of moving water that you are confident will produce since what was once a dead sea can suddenly erupt with fish everywhere. If you are seeing the bait and have had success somewhere recently, say the day before, then waiting things out can pay off.

I have heard plenty of complaints about finicky fish that wouldn’t take any fly or lure tossed their way, but having the patience to take time to change lure type, size and color, as well as altering retrieve speeds and patterns can make a difference. Albies will frustrate you like no other species around here, unless you are talking about bonito or bass feeding on krill, but they also exhibit sudden changes in feeding behavior for some unknown reason.

The southside beaches from Falmouth to Mashpee haven’t seen many anglers recently, but cut bait, eels, and swimming plugs such as the Daiwa SP Minnow and Danny have produced some better bass, especially in the days around the last new moon and there is the potential for the period around the full moon on the 24th, especially if there is some rainy, stormy weather.
You would be hard pressed to find any backwater along the southside that doesn’t have some degree of schoolie activity, but Andy Little said that up inside the Three Bays and around Dowses Beach have been fishing particularly well, with some bluefish mixed in as well.

Lee Boisvert at Riverview Bait and Tackle in Yarmouth also had encouraging words for light tackle and fly rod anglers who aren’t necessarily concerned about the size of the fish they are catching; there are small bluefish being caught from the beaches with small bass up inside Bass River and Parker’s River in Yarmouth; Swan River in Dennis and Herring River and Red River in Harwich, as well as the wide number of bays and harbors all the way down to Chatham.

Speaking of Chatham, there have been numerous reports of big schools of albies off of Stage Harbor, but they apparently have copped an attitude more often than not, perhaps because they were feeding on very small bait.

Up inside Stage, there are still some adult pogies and concentrations of schoolies, while along the sound side of Monomoy the water on the flats is still warm and there are plenty of sand eels, making for some good late season sight fishing for bass and blues, as well as topwater shows along the dropoffs.

Lee added that the tautog bite is picking up around Bishop and Clerks, Collier’s, and Point Gammon to Squaw Island.