Vineyard and Nantucket Sound Fishing Report – July 2, 2015

Ben Smith and the gang with a mid 30-inch fish caught this week while fishing aboard Willy Hatch's Machaca charters.
Ben Smith and the gang with a mid 30-inch fish caught this week while fishing aboard Willy Hatch’s Machaca charters.

There are reports of more life in the sounds this week; a small number of larger bass are coming from the rips around Nobska on everything from parachute jigs fished on wire to livelined scup. The bass around Halfway Shoal appear to be keyed in on squid, making red/yellow a hot color, particularly when fished on short wire as the fish are in the upper part of the water column at times.

In numerous spots such as Bishop and Clerks and shoals, including Succonesset, have produced the occasional larger bass on trolled squid imitations. Some folks are also tossing big plugs into the rocks to the west of and up inside Hyannis Harbor; topwaters will work in low light conditions and slow swimming poppers such as the Super Strike Littleneck have been a particularly effective change of pace.

Sea bass fishing remains good over hard bottom structure, but there have been reports of these fish on top chasing metal and plugs. Collier’s is always a popular location for the bottom fish crew, but there some good places to try off the entrances to the numerous inlets that dot the southside.

Shore fishing around Falmouth remains quiet, with a few bluefish caught around South Cape Beach and Popponesset, although without any degree of consistency. There have been bass to the mid 20+-inch class caught off the Poppy spit and there are schoolies in varying numbers inside Waquoit, Popponesset, Cotuit, the Centerville River, Bass River, and Stage Harbor. The latter is also still harboring some schools of pogies.

There are plenty of bluefish in the sounds, varying in size from two-pounders around Succonesset and other close in locations to big, double digit choppers at Horseshoe Shoal. Dowses has been one of the most consistent shore spots for bluefish, with mainly smaller fish in this area.

Fluke fishing is starting to pick up a bit and Jim Young said the ratio of throwbacks to legal fish has improved this season and is about 8:1 as opposed to 20:1 last season. Lucas Shoal is fishing OK, with the waters off Bass River a better bet so far this season.