Video: How To Fish Floating Soft Baits


The Hogy Floating Series was designed to be a true topwater soft bait. Designed to be fished on unweighted swim bait hooks and soft circle hooks, these baits can worked fast or slow for exciting topwater action!

  1. Vary your retrieve. Try a slow, steady glide over the surface but if that doesn’t get a reaction speed up the retrieve just a bit so the bait dives just blow the surface. The slow down and allow it to float to the surface again – a perfect imitation of a wounded baitfish.
  2. Fish your bait all the way in. Large, wary fish may not commit to a strike until they think the bait is going to escape.
  3. If you’re rigging with a circle hook, remember to let the fish hook itself. Do NOT set the hook!

Location: Elizabeth Islands

Products Used
Hogy Floating Series Soft Baits
Hogy Soft Circle Hook


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