Trolling Skirted Jigs for Striped Bass in Woods Hole

Snuck out before work yesterday to redeem myself from last weeks lackluster performance and keep up with my two-mornings-before-work-per-week fishing regiment. Unlike last week, the first thing I noticed was that it was actually pleasant out. I was not blasted by a gust of 39 degree wind like last Thursday or was it Friday? (I blocked that trip out of my memory) No bibs for me. A good start to the day for sure. Birds were happy too.

I met Capt. Nat Chalkey from Get the Net Charters in Woods Hole at the boat ramp at 0450 with my luckiest tubes ready to “wobble”. We didn’t see or do much of anything on our first two passes so we re-adjusted our tact and made a third pass. This time we marked piles of fish hunkered on the bottom. Slack was just giving way to a West Bound tide at this point.

Every time we made a pass we marked a few targets hanging in the same spot but they weren’t feeding so we switched gears and put on a skirted paddle swimming jig by Hogy and Nat hooked up almost immediately with easily a 38” fish. We were trolling with the tide and stopping on targets. We each had commitments (unfortunately mine was with the dentist) so we only had time for 5 or 6 more passes. We ended up with 3 nice fish in similar size class plus I dropped one along side the boat.

There were a ton of birds working over a small school of topwater fish. We threw a few “token” casts at them, but our baits were about 20times larger than the baits we were using. How I wished I had a small teeny jig. They were popping on teeny micro quid, about the same profile 15gram Epoxy jig. We were late, so we didn’t investigate further.

Capt. Mike

Owner-President, Hogy Lures
Publisher, Salty Cape

Baits Used:

Light Skirted Swimming Jig
Light Skirted Swimming Jig
Dark Skirted Swimming Jig
Dark Skirted Swimming Jig

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