Gear: Hogy System Tuna Lures for Troll Scanning #208

Hogy Harness Jigs: I prefer weighted soft baits for this technique as you can fish all levels of the water column and have a variety of speed options.

Hogy Harness Eel Jig
6oz. Harness Eel Jig for Trolling Scanning for Tuna
  • Hogy Harness Eel: Although all sizes of the Hogy Harness Jigs work, I would pick the 6oz if I had to choose between weights for the top tuna lures for troll scanning. The heavier weight helps minimize cross wind drag and gets down faster when the boat goes out of gear to fish the drop.
    • Method: Troll Scanning, Dead Stick
    • Best Size: 6oz
    • Imitates: Sand Eels, Herring
    • Hogy Shop Link: 6oz Harness Jigs
Hogy Pro Tail Harness Paddle
6oz. Harness Pro Tail Jig for Troll Scanning for Tuna
  • Hogy Pro Tail Harness Paddle: This series was designed to imitate the larger baitfish that can be found offshore such as mackerel, bluefish and bottom dwellers such as mud hake and small cod. These lures feature imitative paint jobs and a big game harness system designed to handle giants on bent but class conventional reels.
    • Method: Troll Scanning, Dead Stick
    • Best Size: 9” 6oz and 9oz
    • Imitates: Mackerel, Herring, Butter Fish, Bottom Fish
    • Hogy Shop Link: 6oz Harness Pro Tail