The Shipping Lanes


The shipping lanes is more a latitudinal reference than to a specific spot or structure. You’ll see them printed on the NOAA chart, basically running east and east north of the Canyons. There’s often a lot of action in the “Lanes” as tips of warm water eddies (see 1 and 3 on chart below) are often very pronounced in the lanes. For this reason, you can fin blue marlin in addition to all varieties of tuna, white and blue marlin, very large mahi mahi and even big wahoo. In 2014, we noted a huge number of albacore and some big yellowfin tuna. Often the first early season “non-canyon” spot to get hot.


  • Approx. Lat & Long: Running East to West starting at ~ 40′ 36″ N and ending at ~ 40’20” N
  • Best Known for: Yellowfin tuna, albacore, mahi mahi, occasional blue marlin
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