Striper Baits: Lobster Imitations #121

I can’t tell you how many lobsters I have found in the belly of big stripers. I’ve also heard of numerous lobster fishermen telling of stripers boiling behind their boats scooping up “shorts” as they are tossed back. Nocturnal stripers are forage feeders and often prey on lobsters that also happen to be more active at night. Most lobsters are a combination of black, dark green and orange, a color that our Hogy Lobster matches. Although stripers can handle a mouthful, the ideal striper sided lobster is 6 to 8 inches, which is what we chose when creating the Hogy Lobster.

  • Hogy Top Imitator: The mold for the Hogy Lobster was made from an actual lobster. These baits are hand-poured with buoyant plastic so when rigged with a .5oz to 4oz. Jig Head, the claws will float up in a defensive posture. Fish these baits by scooting them along the bottom. Lobster for Striper

The Hogy Lobster Softbait for Striper Fishing