Squibnocket Striper Report – June 1, 2016

Although we were tormented by reports of tuna east of Chatham, we stayed with our plan to do a south side of the Cape exploratory striper mission on Wednesday morning. We started at Tom’s Shoal and found some bait, marked a few fish but no hook ups. We also investigated Wasque and Mutton shoal while we were down that way, but not much was going on there either. There were plenty of birds and plenty of bait but no fish – admittedly it was getting close to slack tide, so that could have had something to do with it.

After some deliberation about possibly looking for blues at Horseshoe, we decided to make the run along the backside of Martha’s Vineyard to Squibnocket, where we finally found a decent school of fish. The tide was just only getting moving but there was already topwater action. We caught a fish on the first cast on a small jighead rigged soft plastic that imitated a sand eel (that’s what they were feeding on by the way). We also hooked a much bigger fish while dropping the jig but couldn’t get a proper look at him.

After getting tired of waiting for the tide to turn on and the bite to heat up at Squibby, we decided to make the run aroudn the corner to Gay Head. There was bait and plenty of birds but again no stripers.

Next, we tried Middle Ground. Unfortunately the water was so weedy it was virtually impossible to fish at middle ground. Lastly we took a few drifts and vertically jigged it Halfway Shoal, had one hit and headed home. In a nutshell Squibnocket is the only place we found decent fishing on our “around the Vineyard” journey. If you’re heading out in the next few days and striped bass are your target on the south side and Squibnocket is accessible to you, that’s where I would go first.

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