South Side Striper Report – May 6, 2016

I am very happy to report my first Cape Cod fishing trip with Capt. Shaun Ruge on Friday morning. Although the weather was very New England-y, we decided to suit up and head out for a quick pre-work trip.

A Friday morning  schoolie taken at Waquoit
A Friday morning schoolie taken at Waquoit

It was our first trip of the season. It was impromptu and we were lucky just to get off the dock. taking us until 8:30AM to leave Falmouth Harbor (needless to say, late for work) and get to Woods Hole shortly thereafter for the strongest stage of the tide. Not my favorite time to fish the Hole, so I’d consider us late for fishing also! We hit all the usual structure spots with no joy. We also hit the massive amounts of birds that have been diving off Red Ledge for two weeks. No joy there either. Although we noticed 4 or 5 very active seals, we could not identify the bait that was driving the birds.

We then took casts off Nobska Lighthouse and quickly surmised it was not “on”.


Next stop was all the way down to Waquoit. We worked the inlet with 7-inch Hogy Originals, nothing. BUT when we poked inside, we found a large number of schoolies holding on the West side of the entrance. We made a few drifts, even had a couple of double hook ups. But with a strong NE wind, we kept getting blown onshore, so feeling lazy, we beached the boat and walked the shore. After a few more fish, the tide slacked out and we decided to head home. On the way out of the harbor, we noticed some squid boats dragging, so we rigged up with squid jigs and tried our hands at squidding. The bite was OK. We were tight on time, we caught 3 large squid enough for my teriyaki fried squid app for mother’s day and rushed back in for a half day of work.

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