South of MV Mahi Report – July 30, 2016


On Saturday, I had Peter, Viki, and their 2 friends on the boat for an offshore trip. We made the decided to avoid the fleet and the crowded dawn bluefin bite and check out some water that caught my eye well to the south. We didn’t find any tuna there, but there were plenty of BIG mahi on troll with Hogy Flexi-bar Squid Bars and Bird Bars and casting Pro Tail Eels and Epoxy Jigs. Our largest was just shy of 4’ long @ 47”. After everyone had landed their first mahi we decided to leave them biting and hunt for tuna elsewhere.


Spent the mid day trolling for YFT with no luck. Finally saw some breaking tuna and a buddy radioed us they just landed one.

We ground it out and in the bottom of the 9th had a savage feed on top. We had 2 crashes on a popper, a brief hookup on a Hogy Tuna Epoxy jig, then Peter buttoned up a stud bluefin in the mid 60″ range on 10K class gear with a Hogy Tuna Epoxy.

We had geared up from the light rods we had been using, but we were not expecting a fish this size down south. Peter did epic battle for 45 minutes.

He finally had the fish beat, he turned it and rolled it and 30′ from the boat. Then with gaffs in hand just a few cranks from victory……..the hook tore out of the fish.

I promised Peter a tuna over 100# after our last trip and he got to fight one. He got to see his foe, look it in the eye, but in the end the tuna lived to fight another day.

It was great trip overall with only a handful of boats in radio range, let alone in sight all day.

For the lack of another 30′ of line it would have been perfect.

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