Salty Cape Events: The 6th Annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament

The Salty Cape team headed to West Dennis this past weekend to capture the sights and sounds of the 6th annual Schoolie Fly Fishing Tournament, which at 330 anglers has become the largest fly fishing tournament in the world. A few words describing the day from Cheeky’s website:

“With the number of female participants increasing every year, Cheeky Ambassador Abbie Schuster of Kismet Outfitters took the lead on kicking off the tournament weekend with a Women’s Meet-Up on Friday afternoon. With equipment provided, attendees got a chance to practice and prepare for the tourney with casting lessons, knot tying, and strategy discussion, hoping to make some waves in the tournament the following day!”

“Friday night saw a packed house for the Costa Del Mar Kick Off Party and slowly receded as teams left to finish final gear prep and tournament strategizing. While most anglers attempted to get a couple hours of sleep before the big day, anticipation kept some from getting any rest. Morgan Mattioli’s nerves had her up early, tying up meaty saltwater flies at 3 AM! This dedication to the tournament and her constant flow of amazing media throughout the week helped her claim the 2017 Social Media Prize.”

“Competitors arrived early Saturday morning for the Captain’s Meeting and official tournament launch, eager to grab their captain’s bags and get fishing. Once the rules were explained and the 2017 Official Tournament Photo Pucks and Tape Measures were distributed, the horn was sounded. There was a quick exchange of flies, hugs and sarcastic remarks about podium predictions before anglers rushed off to their cars. This wave of anglers left the launch touting their brand new tournament exclusive Wingo Belt and their meanest game faces. The 2017 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament had officially begun.”

“When the dust finally settled, only three teams could take the podium and cement their legacy in the world’s largest fly-fishing tournament. 842 Rod Club took 3rd place with 109.50” of fish, just behind second place Team B&E who tallied 110.50”. First place went to Team Deceiver’s Ben and John Bianco, who are no strangers to the Schoolie Tourney podium. Their ability to get big fish to bite landed them atop the podium with 111.50” total inches!”

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