Riptide Shark Report – June 30, 2016


In honor of Shark Week I took a few guys down south of the islands for their first sharking trip ever.

I had run through some good water loaded with shark a few days back coming in from the canyons. It was a bit of a ride but with all the fins we saw on top I know it would be the place to start.

We launched out of Falmouth and hit several rips on the way out to fill the Contenders livewell with a bunch of bluefish for bait.

The seas were flat and we made the long run at a comfy 40kts. Once on site I showed the guys how to set out a slick and rig the rods.

Within 15 minutes we had our first visitor. From that point on the guys took turns pulling on bluesharks from 75-225#.

We never got the shot at one of the bluesharks edible cousins but the crew didn’t seem to mind. They had a blast doing laps around the RIPTIDE chasing the bigger blue sharks.

When the chum was gone and the bait supply exhausted we pointed the bow north for a fast flat ride home.

Final tally a couple dozen sharks caught and released. The guys got to experience Whales, dolphin, Mola Mola and all the other amazing sights offshore fishing has to offer. Overall it was a perfect day for exploring south of the the islands.