Riptide Report: Albie Madness Update | September 17, 2016


For the last four days the RIPTIDE and RIPTIDE BAY have been absolutely crushing the Albies on Cape Cod. We are right around THIRTEEN DOZEN in the four day run! The fish have been about 60/40 spin/fly. Every angler on the boats had gone double digits regardless of their fishing style. The hot lure without exception has been the new Hogy Epoxy JIg in the new limited edition “Shrimp” color a.k.a “Orange Silverside” Thanks to fellow Hogy Pro Capt. Jaime Boyle for helping create this killer lure. It almost makes it unfair, but from a charter Captain’s perspective it’s perfect!


The bait has been 1.5″ small bay anchovies with some larger ones in the mix the last day or so. Skipping the epoxy jig on the surface with a high rod tip and just enough speed to keep the lure skipping has been the hot retrieve. 12# Sufix Flouro has been the perfect balance of light enough to get a ton of eats and strong enough to land all the fish quickly.

Several areas have become internet “hot spots”. This has led to MASSIVE crowds and nearly zero people catching. I won’t fish in a big crowd so we left the “normal” areas and hunted our own fish away from everyone. While we may not have as many fish, what we have, we have to ourselves. I don’t put them down, nobody runs them over and my sports catch for HOURS on end without interruption. This just adds to the experience of dozens and dozens of drag melting runs. We are MAKING reports not CHASING them. There have been fish to some degree or another almost everywhere we have looked. We are often tucked in little harbors and creeks as we watch the fleets race past us going to “THE SPOT”.


Today was a prime example, we spent 4 hours catching over two dozen on the fly while I got text messages of how a certain beach was a parking lot and nobody was catching.

Leave the crowds, leave your comfort zone, take advantage of $1.95 gas and find your own fish and enjoy not bumping rub rails with everyone else not catching!

Get them soon before the flakes fly