Riptide Canyon Recap – June 26, 2016

The crew was Me, Brian Casey and Charles Wade. The plan was to hit the warm water that was just hitting the edge from Hydro to Welker on the 100 and 1000 fathom curve.

We launched RIPTIDE at Bass River @ 0400 and ran line of sight over the shoals to the south west corner at the mouth of Hydrographer’s Canyon. I had several spots I wanted to hit from the temp shots. We trolled the mouth along a fairly short break running from high 60’s to 71.1. We saw basicly nothing, no bait, birds or life.

Next was to take an run along the 100 curve east to Welker and in particular examine “No Name Canyon”. We stitched the break east going from 65-71.8 over a mile wide break all the way to the East side of Welker. Same story, dead blue-gray water with ZERO life.

I decided to push out to the 1000 curve. We repeated the above scenario in reverse working the mouths and then working West to Hydro.

Same story, dead blue-gray water with ZERO life.

Finally we called the warm water option and headed north. We had several spots I marked heading down that looked like they may have BFT potential.

Just about dead between the Banana and the Tip of Hydro was the largest concentration of life I’ve ever seen. Literally thousands of dolphin and whales rampaging on monster bait balls. We pounded the area of over a square mile for 4+ hours without seeing any tuna. A buddy boat “Skipjack” found the same life the evening before and they too pounded it for the last 3 hours of daylight and also got nothing there.

With flat calm conditions, rather than run back up the shoals to get home I decided to recon the west edge of the shoals for BFT. We ran up along Tyler’s gap and stayed in the low-mid 60 water up to Gordon’s gully. We ran through one area that was LOADED with small – med blue sharks that we fed a few ballyhoo to. Other than that and some shearwaters it was quiet. We saw one monster breach that looked like a 20′ basking shark. Other than that nada.

Final tally was around 400 miles covered and other than tugging on a few BD’s, nothing to show.