Reader Report: Yellowfin at The Dump – July 17, 2017

Michael Zammito fished the Claw on Monday, July 17th and sent in the following report:

“We left the dock at 345 but had to run slower than usual because of the thick fog. We managed to make it to the Claw by 7 and started fishing around a flock of birds and some whales. After about half an hour of working that area, we bagan to move further south and started seeing some impressive feeds of nice sized bluefin. We continued trolling around them with no luck, so we decided to put the 50s and 30s away and break out the spinning gear. I would drive the boat up to schools of fish while my two friends casted into them off of the bow. My friend Ben was casting a silver hogy pro tail, while my friend Freddy was throwing a sand eel colored harness jig. Although the fish were picky, we managed to get one to take at around 930am. After fighting it for about 45 minutes we were able to stick it and get the 57″ fish into the boat. We continued chasing the breaking fish around, only managing to hook and lose one more on the sand eel harness jig. The fish soon became wary so we decided to run toward the Dump in search of some yellowfin. On our way there we noticed a 71-74 degree break, so we decided to give it a shot. Five minutes after setting out a four rod spread, we were tight to a nice yellowfin that ate a white bird bar, the fish ended up weighing in around 50 pounds which ended our day on a high note. We set a course for vineyard sound and were back at the dock by around 3pm.”