Reader Report: Topwater Bluefish at Horseshoe Shoal – June 28, 2015

Dave Ford headed out to Horseshoe Shoal on Sunday June 28th during the incoming tide and was able to hook up with 4 topwater bluefish, as well as numerous sea bass. He was fishing Gibbs plugs, deadly dicks and A27 diamond jigs.

In his own words:
“Topwater bite was real strange. We’d find the fish and get a few follows, but the fish were very shy. One hit and they’d disappear. Once a fish was hooked and we were certain that we could draw it’s buddies to the boat, they would still just disappear. I’ve never had to chase single bites at the Shoe before. Sea bass were PILED up on the bottom. Better concentration of sea bass at the Shoe than at Bishops.”