Reader Report: Southeast Corner Bluefin Tuna – September 16, 2015

Chad Lopes headed out to the Southeast Corner of Stellwagen bank last Wednesday morning and landed two fish in the 40 – 55″ range.

“Had a great weather window so had to take advantage, and finally the fish decided to make it a great day. Found life a little short of our target and decided to start trolling.

Put out two 40 inch Hogy spreader bars in pink and the other rainbow. Then had two deep diving rapalas going off the side (small center console). Then we put the blue and white BlueMax rigged with a Ballyhoo.

The Rapala had the first hit and it was only on for a second. Reeled it in and found a sideways belly hook (gotta change out the stock hooks on those I guess). Not ten minutes later we get a screamer on the BlueMax. Saragossa 2500 paired with a Tallus rod. Blast of a fight. Me and my buddy fought it back and forth for a little over a half hour I’d guess. Biggest fish we had ever caught.

Put the spread back out and got two more hits on the BlueMax. Fought both for a bit, but ended up pulling the hook. An hour later we had a blitz blow up just up ahead. We maneuvered around it bringing the lines right through them and hooked up the smaller of the two bluefin again on the BlueMax.

Ended the day going 2 for 5 and more bites total in that one trip then I had in all my other trips combined. Went and bought another one for the next trip out.”