Reader Report: Osterville & Cotuit Worm Hatch – May 16, 2016

Rich Haskell shows off a really nice striper taken on the fly this weekend.
Rich Haskell shows off a really nice striper taken on the fly this weekend.

The Popponesset and Cotuit areas have been experiencing some great worm hatches the last several days. Bob Lewis reported that there has been an incredible amount of life around, with bass very aggressively hitting both fly poppers and Smack-its before the worm hatches get going. Typical of a worm hatch, the fish have been much more challenging once the area is filled with worms, but Bob managed to coax some to the fly by changing patterns until he came up with one that worked. Ken Cirillo used a Smack-it with a fly teaser with success on Friday, while Rich Haskell caught this nice striper (above) on the fly on Saturday and he and Bob hooked some other fish that took them well into the backing.

If fly fishing isn’t your thing, then the 4-inch Skinny in bubblegum is a good option as its coloration and ability to stay well up in the water column do a good job of imitating the worms that are spinning and spawning. Keeping the rod high, which is not your typical method of fishing a Hogy, is a technique that can keep your plastic on the surface. Carrying Prismacolor Art Markers in red, orange, tan, dark green, and black will allow you to color bone 4-inch Skinny’s to match the color of the worms where you are fishing as there are many types of worms and their coloration can vary widely from one area to another.

Along with the option of using a casting bubble or a floating plug to deliver a fly or 4-inch Skinny, the 7-inch Floating Hogy in Bone or Bubblegum will create a subtle wake that spawning worms make, attracting bass who will find your smaller offering with no problem.

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