Reader Report: Makos at The Dump – July 28, 2016


Salty Cape reader Michael Zammito headed offshore again on Thursday morning, first targeting tuna but eventually switching to shark gear at the Dump. Here’s how it went:

“We started at Gordon’s Gully at around 5:45am because of the large amount of bait and birds but worked the area for a solid hour and a half without any bites. We picked up and ran towards the fleet at the NE corner of The Dump. We trolled around for a little bit but the fleet was a little big for my liking so we decided to put the tuna gear away and go sharking. We went about 1 mile north of the fleet and started the slick . After about an hour we hooked up to a nice mako and had him tailed after a 10 minute fight and a bent gaff. After this we headed in and didn’t see much on the way back.”