Reader Report – Green Pond Worm Hatch (May 10, 2016)

Salty Cape reader Bill Laberis reported a worm hatch Tuesday evening in East Falmouth’s Upper Green Pond. Throwing the 4″ skinny softbait, he was able to hook up with a 24″ schoolie. In his own words:

“Worm Hatch! Started at 5 and went for 90 minutes. Fished 45 minutes with a cinder worm and bobber – nothing. Fished a bit longer with a casting fly – nothing. Then tried the one 4″ bubblegum skinny I had and landed the fish. There were hundreds of them everywhere with hundreds of worms visible from my dock. But just like than in 5 minutes at 6:3ish the worms and stripers disappeared. Hoping they return tonight.”