Reader Report: Gordon’s Gully Bluefin Tuna – July 20, 2016


Michael Zammito and two friends headed south of Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday morning, finding schools of crashing bluefin near Gordon’s Gully. Here’s Michael’s trip explained in his own words:

“A couple of buddies and I went out sharking yesterday, but after only catching one Mako and a couple blues, we decided to switch to Tuna. We ran towards Gordon’s Gully, fish were busting everywhere but not touching our spread, so we decided to whip out the spinning rods. Had a young crew yesterday, Myself (age 16) at the wheel/gaff, Griffin Way (age 17) on the rod, and Alex Grazioso (age 17) on the leader. The Tuna absolutely slammed your Harness Jig, I’m definitely going to place an order for a couple more of those. The hook was set perfectly into the corner of the fish’s mouth, it was going no where. It was only my second time running the boat which made it even more sweeter.”

This report bodes well for the weekend, as two additional local boats caught bluefin at Gordon’s Golly on Wednesday, including New Seabury Marina owner Chris Burden caught two fish himself on SI Flexi-Bar Squid Bars in amber.

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