Reader Report: Bonito at The Hooter – July 13, 2015


Salty Cape reader Kim Besse caught her first bonito of the season this past weekend while fishing at the Hooter.

In her own words:
“Glad I read your fishing report of the possible arrival of bonito for your birthday. Here is a present for you. We went out Saturday. I would say in general fishing was on the slow side but managed a couple blues and this one bonito. Caught it Saturday around 9:30 am trolling an umbrella rig with white tubes. We usually keep one line down deep while fishing there and this time it paid off!”

For tips and tricks on how to target bonito and albies at the Hooter, check out this video with Capt. Mike filmed during an episode of On The Water TV: Video: Jig N’ Troll for Bonito and Albies at The Hooter

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