Reader Report: Bluefin Tuna at The Dump – July 25, 2016


Salty Cape reader Michael Zammito headed to the Dump on Sunday morning in search of bluefin, connecting with a 55″ on the troll. In his own words:

“We went out to the NE corner of the dump this morning and got this nice 55″ bluefin on a green harness jig that we were trolling in a spread of 2 green machine spreader bars, 2 rainbow spreader bars, and 2 skirted ballyhoo, we had the jig on a flatline in the middle. We noticed a large amount of sand eels and unfortunately broke off a different harness jig earlier in the day that resembled them a little better than the all green. We were fishing in a fleet of about 20 or so boats and everyone of them was catching fish.”

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