Reader Report: Bite is on at Nantucket Rips – June 20, 2015

We started the day out of Stage Harbor at 6:30 this morning. Our first stop was to point rip at the tip of Monomoy. There were plenty of boats out and everyone was catching, but the fish were only mid 20’s at best. We hooked up twice there and let both go. We then headed to Bearse’s Shoal were there was no signs of life. We decided to head out to the Nantucket Rips, a move that paid off greatly. We were trolling parallel to the rips in the calm water with a two rod setup: each had a 7 inch pink hogy on the end of these light tackle setups. We caught 5 fish here between 32-35 inches and then headed back for Stage Harbor. Our first trip to the rips was a great one, and the bite is on!

– Austin Goldstein

Date: 6/20/15

Time of Day: 7 AM-12:30 PM

Tide: Outgoing

Fish Caught: 7

Fish Sizes: 32-35 inches

Lure/Bait: Hogy 7-inch original pink with 5/0 unweighted swimbait hook.




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