Reader Report: 60-pound Bluefin Tuna on the Fly


Last Friday, Michael Beebe was fishing with Hogy Pro Staffer Capt. Jaime Boyle of Boylermaker Charters when they took a chance to head south of the Vineyard and look for tuna. Amazingly, Michael was able to hook up and land a 60-pound bluefin tuna on a 14-weight fly rod!

In Michael’s own words –
“On Friday I caught a 60lb bluefin on the fly! (Jaime’s 14wt). We were going for bluefish and hoping without much optimism for something else, but the weather was calm past the Vineyard and there had been reports of tuna on the day before the small storm on Thursday. About 4 miles past the hooter we saw tuna chasing halfbeaks with great abandon. We got in the area and a school came close enough for me to cast to it! Took an hour and Jaime had to help at the end. I’ve been trying for 20 yrs or so to catch a bluefin on a cast fly! So we’re eating sashimi and tuna steaks and I am remembering the schools of tuna crashing bait and that first long run.”



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