Peaked Hill Bar

Boat Spots Peaked Hill Bar

Peaked Hill Bar

Peaked Hill bar holds some fantastic striper fishing, where many anglers successfully troll and jig the 25-foot dip between the Bar and beach.

Peaked Hill bar is known for its tuna holding ability in the deeper water north of the bar. It is easily accessed from Stellwagen Bank and consistently holds bluefin tuna. Boats often make the loop from SW Corner of Stellwagen Bank, Wood End, and Peaked Hill Bar. Many boats will troll squid rigs, kite live pogies or  site cast for breaking bluefin tuna.

Watch for breaking fish, which could be stripers, bluefish or even school bluefin tuna. Have a variety of lures and outfits ready. Large soft plastics, jigs, swimming plugs and poppers will work. If no fish are showing and sea conditions allow, drift the outer edge of the bar and bounce large jigs along the sandy bottom, or cast plugs into the wash along the beach and retrieve into deeper water.

Troll the 25-foot dip between the Bar and beach with wire line; use large swimming plugs, metals, large soft plastics, tubes or jigs.

NOAA chart number:  13249

Lat & Long: 42°05.8’ x 70°11’ (northwest end)

Best tide: Outgoing; action slows at slack.

Hazards:  Very large ocean swells may be present; water may be filled with weed and unfishable after sustained easterly wind or storms. Seals may be a nuisance.


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