Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 28, 2017

Paul Newmier at Blackbeard’s in Eastham told me that he is planning on only staying open from Friday to Sunday until he closes up for the season. As he explained, he wished he could stay open to provide bait and other services since he is the only game up that way, but a lack of foot traffic, or should I say, fishing traffic, has forced his hand.

That is too bad because Paul had some encouraging news regarding fishing on the backside. He reported that folks have been getting into some bass and blues up at the Race and he spoke to one individual who said he was jogging past Mayo Beach in Wellfleet and there were birds wheeling and fish breaking – but not one angler. He told Paul that he was going jogging with his fishing rod tomorrow; it should be interesting to see if the fish are still there. If they are, that would be one of the few times in a long while that I have heard of fish holding in an area along the backside for a couple of days other than Provincetown.

With the vast majority of “surf” or shore anglers pretty much concentrating on the Canal over the last couple of years, and more so this season, I don’t think that anybody is really thinking about the outer Cape beaches. All you hear about is seals, but Paul reported that there were more small fish caught from the beaches from Nauset up to Truro this year, even with all those bipeds around. Maybe I am being too optimistic, but perhaps we are seeing a repopulation of the backside in the form of schoolies that just might grow up into bigger fish if given the chance.

At the very least, if a few more folks return to the outer Cape to fish, the crowds in the Canal might thin a bit and I can assure you that the vistas from Chatham to Provincetown are worth the trip alone.