Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 25, 2015

Folks who are on the water pretty much every day have been able to target some stripers vertical jigging in 70 to 80-feet of water off Nauset and Paul Newmier heard from one boater who had picked up some quality fish working the waters of Pochet with plugs, but many folks have turned their attention to tuna.

There are bluefin from Peaked Hill to Nauset and Elise Costa said there are fish in all size ranges, including giants. Vertical jigging has been particularly effective; folks using metal or butterfly jigs have found those with less flash have been productive and I kept hearing about black hooks being a key.

Heavy duty, tuna tested plastic offerings such as the Hogy Harness Jig are equally popular and work really well since in most spots along the backside the fish are feeding on large sand eels. Schools of sea herring and mackerel are also on the menu and that makes tossing heavy duty plugs such as Strategic Angler, Gibbs’ Tuna Candy, and Salty’s Toona Tamers, as well as large unweighted soft plastics on tuna quality hooks, the way to go when the fish are on top.

Up around Race Point, there have been some tuna reported, but most of the action has been on big bluefish (and no bluefish is too big for a giant bluefin!) for shore anglers. Some bass were reported before the blows this week, from the Race to Herring Cove, with eels and trolled swimmers such as SP Minnows and Bombers productive.