Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 15, 2016

Paul Newmier said that there have been some small bass and good-sized bluefish being caught up around Race Point; the bass are taking swimming plugs such as Bombers, SP Minnows, and Red Fins, as well as Salty’s or Gibb’s needlefish. Mornings have seen some good topwater action on the blues.

Marconi Beach also had some bluefish blitzes this week, while a friend told Paul a funny story about his fishing on Nauset Beach. He saw a big school of adult bunker or pogies just off the shore, a fairly common sight this season, but instead of the bass and bluefish that have been chowing down, these protein packed baitfish were being encircled and eaten by seals. Hoping to snag a pogy and liveline it under the fray in hopes of catching a bass, this angler managed to impale on his snag hook – and then had a seal chase it up the beach in hopes of picking off an easy meal.

For the boat crew, vertical jigging is still best when fishing the schools of bass that are holding in 50 to 70-feet of water between Chatham and Nauset Inlets.