Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 14, 2017

I think Paul Newmier from Blackbeard’s in Eastham said it best: if you flew a plane over the backside beaches from Nauset to Provincetown, you would probably only find a half dozen or so people fishing from the sand. Once again, any bass being caught are on the small side, but there is a great deal of bait up around the Provincetown beaches, especially mackerel and sand eels, and in years past there have been times when big bluefish have moved around the corner from Truro and produced some impressive blitzes. Paul did sell some mackerel to a couple of guys who were planning to hoof it out to Long Point and hopefully he will have some news to share if they happen to stop back in – something that is becoming less frequent, most likely because of a lack of success on the part of the people who visited Blackbeard’s on their way to the beaches.

One a brighter note, Paul told me that the guy who gathers sand eels for him was sabiking mackerel around Provincetown recently and hooked up with a 20-pound bass that he landed after taking his time and protecting the light line of the rig he was using.