Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 11, 2015

Most of the boats that are catching bass consistently are vertical jigging off of Nauset Inlet and up through Peaked Hill, with some big bluefish mixed in as you move up towards Provincetown. Keeping a rod or two rigged with a topwater plug such as a pencil popper or needlefish is a good idea if the fish show on top, although when jigging in 70 to 80-feet, the odds of that happening are lower than if you are cruising tight to the sand from Truro up to Race Point.

There have been sporadic bluefish blitzes around Race Point for shore anglers, but very few bass to speak off. Only those anglers willing to work long and hard, covering points, sloughs, and bowls with needlefish or Finnish style swimmers such as SP Minnows, Red Fins, and Bombers have been catching bass and even they have had to endure many empty tides.

I would hope that anyone who wants to honor the memory of Tony Stetzko would at least visit Nauset once and fish there with a live eel and a black hackle teaser. These things are important.