Outer Cape Fishing Report – September 1, 2016

The vertical jig bite continues to produce a good number of big bass in 60 to 70-feet off Chatham Inlet, according to Paul Newmier. Their location is obvious given the number of boats who are once again finding a use for their diamond jigs that had sat unused for the last couple of years. These bass can develop lockjaw at times, making a switch to heavy Epoxy Jigs or Heavy Sand Eel Jigs, or even the SE Barbarian Jigs for a little extra wiggle and enticement. Speaking of which, adding a Hogy Sand Eel soft plastic imitation also creates more fishing catching appeal when you know the bass are on sand eels, but they aren’t biting.

Paul Newmier reported that there have been some big bluefish caught from the beaches up around Provincetown, with the boats also getting into the action away from the sand. A buddy of his managed blues on Wednesday, but yesterday the same area only produced a couple of short bass.

The schools of pogies that had been driving some really good shore angling along the Wellfleet and Eastham beaches have moved, perhaps into deeper water where they are being targeted by the bluefin tuna that have been caught three or four miles off of the Golf Ball.