Outer Cape Fishing Report – October 24, 2015

Most folks continue to focus on the bluefin that remain active from Peaked Hill Bar down through Truro. That said, some of the best bass fishing of the season from shore has been reported up around Herring Cove and the Race; these aren’t huge fish and you have to be willing to walk a good ways and cast the whole time and hope you find any concentration of bass. In fact, it’s really a matter of picking a fish here and there, with the SP Minnow, a newer version of the old classic Rebels and Rapala’s, as well as Bombers and Red Fins, a popular plug around the backside due its casting qualities, as well as its seductive wiggle. Combining it with a teaser is a good idea.
There have also been reports of bass around Chatham Inlet; these could be fish that mix with the holdovers that are found in Pleasant Bay in latter stages of winter and early spring. Boaters can find them by casting plugs in around the shoreline surrounding the inlet, but vertical jigging once a school is located is far more common.