Outer Cape Fishing Report – October 20, 2017

Lee Boisvert from Riverview Bait & Tackle in Yarmouth, who participated in a recent tagging trip with the Division of Marine Fisheries up in the Chatham to Nauset area, said he hasn’t heard that they have made any more visits to this stretch of the outer Cape. What he did hear is that the fishing appears to be concentrated around the Monomoy rips area.
Paul Newmier from Blackbeard’s in Eastham has decided that after this weekend, it’s time to close up shop and head west, but he did have some people drop in today who were going fishing. There are numerous spots on the backside beaches where you can find small bass using mainly lures, particularly metals/tins and bucktail jigs. A friend of his fished Nauset Beach in Orleans recently and hoped to find some big bluefish, with his plan really working out. He tossed out a pencil popper as far as he could and had a fish on after a couple cranks of the reel. The fish were so big that after catching a second one, he realized how heavy they were to carry and called in a day.