Outer Cape Fishing Report – May 29, 2015

Elise Costa explained that Pleasant Bay has a good number of schoolies, with a few 32 to 34-inch bass in the mix. The challenge is these fish are in shallow water and can be very finicky; you can see them pushing and a key to getting them to eat is to keep trying different lures, from soft plastics to swimmers such as SP Minnows or even topwater plugs such as spooks or poppers. It takes a shallow draft boat to fish some of the more productive areas, including around Strong Island.

On the backside beaches, there is a bit more activity on schoolies, noted Paul Newmier; again, the narrower, Finnish style swimmers such as SP Minnows and old school Cotton Cordell Red Fins, Rebels, and Bombers work well; a long cast isn’t often necessary as the fish are in the wash and the slim profile of these swimmers do a good job of mimicking sand eels.

There have been fish caught at Coast Guard Beach in Truro, Nauset Light Beach, Marconi Beach, and Race Point; the latter has given up some smaller legal fish up to 12-pounds on plastics and plugs. First light has seen the best surface activity, but more fish are being caught in the dark from the Race over to Herring Cove.