Outer Cape Fishing Report – June 14, 2018

This is one of those situations where plenty of small fish should be celebrated since people had become accustomed to very little in the way of action from the backside beaches. Now, at least you can lighten up on your tackle and have some fun with schoolies that are in good numbers, reported Paul Newmier at Blackbeard’s in Eastham.

Bait fishing with fresh sand eels is always a popular method of fishing out this way, but walking the beaches up and reading the water up around Wellfleet and Truro is always a worthy challenge for folks who prefer to throw plugs, from swimmers that owe their origins to the original Finn, the Rapala, to surface plugs like pencils and spooks.

I don’t have much time to fish myself any more, but I used to enjoy flyfishing around Nauset Beach, where the fish would often sit in the troughs between the bars close to the beach, making them excellent targets for any sand eel pattern. I often wonder how unweighted soft plastics would work like the 10 or 14-inch Original Hogy since eels were once a top producer of big fish on the backside.

Up off of Truro, there is the typical topwater bite going on, with big surface plugs taking big fish since they are pushing schools of mackerel, sea herring, and baby haddock; I can only imagine what a 10-inch Original cast into these fish would do. There are plenty of sand eels around and I will never fish this area without a full array of Hogy jigs, including Epoxies, Heavy Minnows, and Sand Eels, as well as different color Barbarian Jigs – including bubblegum.