Outer Cape Fishing Report – July 7, 2016

Beach anglers are catching small bass all along the backside beaches using sand eels and cut bait. Others are using artificial lures such as Daiwa SP Minnows, pencil poppers, and soft plastics. There is no rhyme or reason as to where the action is going to show up, with the most successful sand folk paying attention to where and when the fish have moved in years past.

Based on where you get your information, there are still plenty of big bass around Peaked Hill Bar and the Golf Ball, while others point out that this stretch is holding mostly smaller bass. There have been reports of boaters going out a number of miles to get mackerel or sea herring and then bringing them well in to turn them into stripers hereabouts.

The other version concerns anglers definitely jigging up mackerel and sea herring, but they are running them in to the Race Point area, fishing the edges of the drop offs.