Outer Cape Fishing Report – July 23, 2015

Many of the boaters who were chasing bass have switched over to tuna as they have moved in closer to home. Some folks are pointing to the warmer water as the reason the bass have moved offshore, but a better case could be made for the bait having moved away from the Golf Ball and the surrounding waters. There are still some schools of bass, but they are less inclined to feed on top, with using your sonar to locate a school (and they are pretty small) and then vertical jigging a best practice. Even then, many folks have been frustrated by the bass having lockjaw on many occasions. It’s pretty clear that the hero videos are over for a while, with many boats barely able to scratch up a schoolie or two.

There are some small bluefish and bass down around Nauset and up through Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Light in Eastham, but this is an early morning or night activity. Dunking bait in the daylight just hasn’t been doing it for the tourist crowd.