Outer Cape Fishing Report – July 13, 2017

Paul Newmier at Blackbeard’s in Eastham reported that bass fishing from the Race down to the Golf Balls has become pretty tough, with the recremercial crew complaining about all the smaller bass they are catching. On some days, there has been a brief flurry of topwater activity at first light, with the Doc, a supersized spook style plug originally designed for musky, the top producer.

Paul added that it appears that the bass might be heading down the backside towards Chatham, which could be good news for recreational anglers, but it’s not going to make them bigger for folks who want to sell them. Last year, large schools of pogies drew big fish right into the wash around Nauset, but unless those baitfish show up, the better bet is that these stripers will settle into the deeper water just outside the pot lines to feed on sand eels. If that is the case, vertical jigging with an assortment of metal offerings, from basic A17’s and A27’s to the many specialty jigs that Hogy makes such as the Sand Eel Jig and, although it might not technically be a metal, the larger Epoxy Jigs in olive and silver are my favorites. If there are no dogfish around and the fish are finicky, I can’t wait to give Pro Tail Eels and SE Barbarian jigs a go.

Finally, shore anglers all along the backside beaches are catching small bass between 22 and 26-inches on sand eels or plugs such as Daiwa SP Minnows, Red Fins, and Bombers. Paul spoke to one of the lifeguards at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham and he said that he has seen people catching bass pretty consistently in the waters away from the bathing crowd, but as yet, he has not seen a legal fish.