Outer Cape Fishing Report – August 4, 2016

One word pretty much says it all: pogies. The vast schools of menhaden, pogies, or bunker, whatever you call them, are driving some outstanding fishing from Chatham Inlet up to Nauset, with the 10 to 12-inch baitfish being driven so close to the beaches at times that shore anglers are getting into the act. Local shops are selling incredible numbers of snag hooks and folks at catching incredible numbers of big bass, especially the commercial guys who are taking advantage of this unusual scene.

Finding where the pogies are can take a little reconnaissance, but by all accounts it’s pretty obvious when you find them, with everything from bass, bluefish, and seals chowing down. The bass are so focused on the pogies that even flyrodders who are tossing big bunker patterns are hooking fish in the 20 to 30-pound class.

For the shore crowd and those boaters who don’t want to deal with live bait, yellow pencil poppers and Polaris style plugs are working, and I imagine that big soft plastics would do the trick, although with the bluefish in the mix, their effectiveness would be short lived.