Outer Cape Fishing Report – August 18, 2016

There has been some really good shore fishing around the backside from Nauset Beach in Orleans to Nauset Light and Coast Guard Beaches in Eastham to Wellfleet, reported Paul Newmier. Much of this activity occurs when bass drive schools of pogies up against the sand, making for great action with topwater plugs such as Gibbs’ or Salty’s yellow pencil poppers. Some folks also employ swimmers such as Daiwa SP Minnows.

Boaters are also getting closer and closer to the beaches to get in on the action, with “recremercials” clearly the biggest offenders, with one report of lifeguards at Marconi Beach having to chase them off since they were casting into the swimming crowd.

Up around Provincetown, from Race Point to High Head, there have been some good blitzes of bluefish in the morning, with an occasional bass taken on a swimming plug or topwater lure. Typically, this action is a result of large schools of sand eels in the area, but there is also some squid around as well as the occasional schools of pogies.

Night fishing is also better this season, with a few regulars tossing swimmers such as SP Minnows and Bombers from the beaches in Wellfleet and Truro, along with needlefish in areas where the sand eels are thick. Tossing live eels never goes out of style around the backside, especially when combined with a teaser such as Red Gill or a black fly that suggests a thinner profiled bait.

For boaters, there has been a return of the diamond jig bite that dominated the scene for years, particularly around Nauset Inlet. A17 and A27 jigs tipped with, what else, green tubes have been the top choice for most of the regulars. The action has moved from within a short cast of the shore to about 20 or 30-feet, with an important part of being successful is being on the water every day to track the bait movement or having a source of information that can keep you in the know.